What Products Actually Kill Coronavirus?

7:30 am|

As fear of the coronavirus spreads, it can be hard to know what can keep us safe and what can’t. Here is a rundown of the products that will help you keep your family protected. Read More

How To Keep Immunocompromised People Safe During Health Scares

7:28 am|

Whenever there is a health scare like the recent COVID-19, the people who are most vulnerable are those who have compromised immune systems. Here are tips to help them, as well as for those who care to help support them. Read More

Why Air Purifiers Aren’t Enough To Protect You From Coronavirus

7:26 am|

As coronavirus spreads in the United States, many people have resorted to buying air purifiers. Although a few of the best air purifiers can capture viruses, it is important to take more precautionary measures. Here’s why, and what else you can do. Read More

aeris Makes A Splash In South Korea

7:22 am|

We at aeris are excited to announce that we are yet again expanding our presence in Asia with an entrance in two of the largest department stores in South Korea: Lotte and Shinsegae. Read More

How To Choose The Right Size Air Purifier

7:21 am|

Even the highest quality air purifier won’t be effective if it’s not the right size for the intended area. Fortunately, there are some simples ways to make sure you get the best-sized air purifier for your needs. Read More

What The Heck Is CADR?

7:20 am|

When searching for an air purifier, most people discover that one of the important things to look into is CADR. But what is CADR in the first place, and why does it matter when purchasing an air purifier? Read More

What You Need To Know About The Coronavirus

7:19 am|

The reports coming out of China about the coronavirus are hard to understand. Here is what you need to know, as well as some tips for keeping yourself safe if it comes to your area. Read More

How To Avoid The Flu This Winter

7:17 am|

Even the flu shot can’t completely prevent getting the flu or a cold in the winter. Here are all the tips you need to know to keep yourself healthy this winter! Read More

Is The Air In Your House Making You Sad?

7:15 am|

A surprising finding: one of the most common negative contributors to mental health is air quality. In our latest, we address how deep this problem is and how can we address it. Read More

What The Heck Is HEPA Filtration?

7:14 am|

The term HEPA is thrown around a lot when people are shopping for air purifiers. But what exactly IS HEPA, and how does it work? Look no further than our latest blog post. Read More

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