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After visiting Beijing from Switzerland, Pierre, our CEO, and Constantin, our COO, realized that the country needed much more powerful air purifiers for homes, where pollution can be even worse. They had seen just how painful bad air quality can be for those around them, and were convinced they could help.

So they got to work.

They fully dedicated themselves to researching and studying air purifiers. They spent three years on this project at MIT and ETH Zurich.

Together with Etienne Bougeot, a highly awarded industrial designer, they reengineered filter materials and iterated hundreds of designs to bring a machine with cleanest and most powerful airflow on the market.

aeris launched their first purifier in China in 2017. It instantly became a hit, as it was one of the few purifiers that could deal with the heavy pollution in the country. People were reporting that their respiratory problems were finally being addressed, and others reported feeling more energized than they had in years.

By 2018 aeris had expanded into Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, France, and Mexico.

It was this experience in other countries that convinced Pierre and Constantin that this technology, built for the most polluted areas was needed everywhere. Air quality as a health issue became their mission to deal with. So, in 2019, they set up a second office in New York.

And here we are.

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