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aair 3-in-1 Pro


When pollutants become dangerous, air purification is absolutely necessary. That’s why we developed the aair 3-in-1 Pro to deal as thoroughly with this issue as possible, removing and eliminating any pollutants that might endanger your family.

And in order to fully ensure we address your needs, the aair 3-in-1 Pro handles all other aspects of air quality even as it specializes in your needs. This ensures excellent air quality for your entire room. Its powerful stream system allows it to cycle air more quickly, thus cleaning your room at double the speed of other air purifiers.

We filter what your lungs can’t

Fine particulate matter, the kind of pollutant that gets spread by things like pollution and wildfires, is particularly dangerous because it can avoid our body’s natural filtration systems, from our noses to our very lungs.

That’s why we developed a filter that’s more powerful than your own lungs, capturing fine particulate matter and protect you and your family from even the sneakiest of pollutants.

What people are saying


I moved near an heavily congested street in New York, and I noticed a problem: I had so much dust that I was vacuuming 3 times a week. And I was sneezing like crazy.

Someone recommended an air purifier made for pollution, and I got the aair. Suddenly, my sneezing stopped. And as time passed, I realized that I didn’t need to do nearly as much vacuuming. It was amazing how quickly it all happened. I’m so grateful to aeris for their excellent product.


Using IAQ sensor technology, the aair learns to run more effectively and more efficiently over time.

This means it both runs better and uses less energy the longer you own it

For rooms 750 ft² and beyond

The aair is made for large bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. So whatever your needs, this powerful machine will get it done.


Our air purifiers have been perfected to the point where every single outcome comes out as zero. In other words, our filters achieve the maximum possible HEPA rating.


Always connected

Our proprietary software built into every aeris device offers full insight and control over indoor air quality from anywhere in the world. Advanced features even allow aair lite to adapt to your behavior and automatically adjust its settings.

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Need something for a bigger room? Meet the aair.

If you are looking for something to tackle allergies and beyond in a larger room, our aair 3-in-1 Pro is made just for you. Come learn more about it.

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