Meet the next stage in air purification, made just for medical settings. The aeris Medical Infection Control Unit not only captures viruses and bacteria from the air, but also removes them from surfaces.

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How We Keep Surfaces Virus-Free

Using a plasma generator, the MICU creates plasma that attack and destroy bacteria and viruses on surfaces in a room. These plasma ions create radicals that attach to virus surfaces. Viruses are subsequently dried out and broken down.

Our plasma generator has shown 99% efficiency on:

How We Filter The Air

Using the latest in HEPA filtration techniques, our air purifiers can capture and destroy 99.995% of pollutants in the air. That includes Silver Ion coating, which has been tested on the feline Coronavirus, showing 99% reduction of virus on test filter surfaces within1 hour. Feline Coronavirus belongs to the Coronavirus strand family and can be regarded as a proxy to the SARS-COV-2 virus.

H14 with zinc pyrithione + silver ion coating

H14 HEPA filter removes 99.995% of pollutants

The coating destroys the captured bacteria and viruses

Sulfur impregnated activated carbon + activated alumina-zeolite

Removes mercury vapors and odors

Airflow volume at maximum speed: 440 m3/h || 260 cfm

Hepa Filtration Layout

Using a combination of H14 HEPA filtration, silver ion coating, activate charcoal, and plasma, the aeris unit can filter viruses and bacteria from the air and from surfaces, and then break them down. The filter has also been designed to remove mercury and chlorine vapors.

360° Positioning

Four degrees of freedom on the suction arm allow a 360° positioning of air inlet and height position from 0 to 8 feet.

High Suction Rate

High suction rate of up to 400 m3/h of aerosols can be focused on work area during operations. Clean air pockets at the funnel’s entry point ensure clean working environments.

Negative & Positive Pressure Rooms

Tight air-sealing and duct interface allow this unit to be used for negative or positive pressure air purification in medical settings.

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Plasma generator effectiveness: