Meet the aair Gas Pro


The aair Gas Pro is the most advanced odor eliminating air purifier on the market. Combining the power of our strongest air purifier and a filter designed with the ability to move odors at a molecular level, the aair Gas One will ensure that you never have to worry about distracting or embarrassing odors in your home again.

Even more important, its deep removal ability allows you to remove harmful gases, such as paints, ozone, and more.

And in order to fully ensure we address your allergic reactions, the aair lite handles all other aspects of air quality even as it specializes in your needs. This ensures excellent air quality for your entire room. Its powerful stream system allows it to cycle air more quickly, thus cleaning your room at double the speed of other air purifiers.

Using charcoal to make the best odor filter possible

Odors are made up of gaseous matter, also known as “volatile organic compounds.” To remove these, we use a specially treated activated charcoal that absorbs these gas molecules.

But we’ve taken it 3 steps further.

First, we didn’t just want to eliminate normal odors. We wanted to eliminate as close to all unpleasant odors as possible. So we added a substance called Zeolite that increases the range of absorbed gases by a factor of at least 2. The result: we have created the best air purifier for removing odors.

And while other air purifiers rely on normal activated charcoal, we use a special dotting and firing treatment that makes our filters more porous, and thus more absorbant of gas matter, making it all the more effective. And since untreated charcoal can cause infection, we have added a chemical called alumina that stops such infections in their tracks.

Just some odors the aair removes




Cooking Smells

Pet Dander

What People Are Saying


aair lite operates at 35dB(a) in night mode, which is comparable to the noise of a quiet whisper. So you sleep comfortably and deeply the whole night.

For rooms 350 ft² and beyond

The aair lite is made for bedrooms, standard living rooms, and studios. So almost all home spaces are covered by this small but powerful device.

While the device works best at 350 ft², it can handle even larger spaces if necessary.


Our air purifiers have been perfected to the point where every single outcome comes out as zero. In other words, our filters achieve the maximum possible HEPA rating.


Always connected

Our proprietary software built into every aeris device offers full insight and control over indoor air quality from anywhere in the world. Advanced features even allow aair lite to adapt to your behavior and automatically adjust its settings.

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Need something for a bigger room? Meet the aair.

If you are looking for something to tackle allergies and beyond in a larger room, our aair 3-in-1 Pro is made just for you. Come learn more about it.

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