The best way to make sure that your indoor air is clean is to purchase an air purifier. But, whether you’ve had the purifier for several years or just a few days, you may find yourself wondering if it’s actually doing anything… especially if your model makes little or no noise. Fortunately, there are some concrete steps you can take to make sure that your air purifier is running in optimal shape.

Feel it.

Air purifiers work by circulating air throughout a room. You can check airflow by simply putting the back of your palm or your face where your device lets air come out and feeling if there is a breeze.  If you can’t feel anything, you may need your purifier to be repaired or replaced.

Check the Filter.

A HEPA air purifier requires regular filter changes. If you remove the filter and see that it’s clean, it’s likely that the purifier is not working correctly. On the other hand, a dirty filter is also problematic. A filter that is overfull will result in less airflow and a less efficient purifier.

Notice any changes in asthma or allergy symptoms.

A high-quality air purifier should eliminate pollutants in your indoor air, greatly reducing asthma and allergy symptoms.  If there is no improvement in your breathing, it may be time to have your purifier checked.

Take a deep breath.

Good air purifiers should make your home smell fresh and clean. People respond differently to different levels of air quality but, after a few days of running an air purifier consistently, you should notice a marked improvement in the smell of your home. If you’re noticing lingering bad smells, there’s a good chance your air purifier is not working well.

Use an air quality test.

If you’re still unsure how well your air purifier is performing, you may consider purchasing an air quality monitor to test your indoor air. Air quality tests can measure mold and mildew, volatile organic compounds and biological pollutants like dander and pollen. To test your home, turn off your purifier for a few hours and conduct the test as instructed with the kit.  Record your results and then turn on your purifier. After 24 hours of the purifier running, take another test. If the results have not improved, it may be time to start looking for a more reliable air purifier.

Purchase an air purifier that comes with a digital air quality monitor.

Some high-end purifiers have built-in air quality monitors that offer full insight and control over indoor air quality from anywhere in the world. With constant monitoring, you can feel confident that your purifier is working at full capacity.