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Meet the aair Gas Pro ¥13800 The aair Gas Pro is the most advanced odor eliminating air purifier on the market. Combining the power of our strongest air purifier and a filter designed with the ability to move odors at a molecular level, the aair Gas One [...]

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Meet the aair三合一专业空气净化器 ¥10800 When pollutants become dangerous, air purification is absolutely necessary. That’s why we developed the aair 3-in-1 Pro to deal as thoroughly with this issue as possible, removing and eliminating any pollutants that might endanger your family. And in order to fully ensure we [...]

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Meet the air lite ¥4900 結合我們專業的防過敏過濾器,aair lite非常適合任何患有過敏症的人。 無論是灰塵,花粉,皮屑還是其他過敏原,我們都能為您覆蓋。 除了保護您免受過敏外,air lite還可以處理空氣質量的所有其他方面。 這樣可確保整個房間的空氣質量出色。 其強大的氣流系統使它能夠更快地循環空氣,以其他空氣淨化器兩倍的速度清潔房間。 哮喘觸發因素被我們移除 宠物毛屑 宠物毛屑 宠物毛屑 宠物毛屑 宠物毛屑 宠物毛屑 人們在說什麼 智能化 採用室內空氣質量傳感器技術的aair空氣淨化器,能不斷學習,實現更有效和高效地運行。 這意味著使用時間越長,其運行效率越高,能耗越低。 For [...]

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Meet the air lite ¥4900 Combined with our specialized allergy-prevention filter, the aair lite is perfect for anyone suffering from allergies. Whether it’s dust, pollen, pet dander, or any other allergen, we’ve got you covered. Aside from protecting you from allergies, the aair lite also handles all [...]

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Meet the aair lite ¥4900 Whether you’re suffering from a chronic respiratory disease or you’re concerned about the of illnesses like the flu to your children, the aair lite with its bacteria and microorganism filter can give you the peace of mind you are looking for. [...]

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Mold Removing Air Purifier Our Best Purifiers For Mold aair Lite空气净化器 一台小型空气净化器,能去除面积最大为350平方英尺的任何场所的空气中传播的细菌、真菌、霉菌、异味和其他污染物。 ¥4900 了解更多 aair三合一专业空气净化器 采用最先进技术的本款空气净化器,可以在持续提高能效与功效的同时,去除室内空气污染物。 适用于750平方英尺及以上面积的房间。 ¥10800 了解更多 What people are saying Andrew I suffer from a very severe allergy to mold. When I [...]

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